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Back at it!!

Several divers and others have been asking – what’s going on?  Now with winter looming, I thought I would get back to the updates.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

Posted by: diverdew | 06/06/2010

Liberty Ship – Sat 6/5 aboard the Double D

Awsome afternoon with Capt. Doug… got a little bumpy late in the day, but still great vis inshore.

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What a day… Jeff, Chris, Greg and I headed out around the Liberty Ship for some open water dives to complete Jeff and Chris’s open water class. Greg got a chance to try out his new invention – we’re still waiting on the results!! The vis was the best I can ever remember in May. Top to bottom – 50’+. You can see the wrecks from the surface and see the boat from the bottom. The east wind this week definitely showed us some love!!  Tons of baitfish, lots of small sheepshead and spadefish. Flounder still a little sparce, only 3 came home and we only stirred up a couple of more. Water is still a little chilly, but dew-able without a hood.

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Safari Hunt 2010

Steve, Jackie, Richie, Trey and myself joined over 80 divers to participate in the anuual Aquatic Safaris Safari Hunt…Water was still a little chilly, but surprisingly not to cold for flounder! We all had a great time and look forward to a summer of diving together!

Posted by: diverdew | 04/25/2010

Winter is finally over!!

Well, nice to take a little time to run out to the lib ship with Scott to shake the boat down. Dragged a hand line and plugged looking for some bonita. None of those to be found, but we did catch 1 undersize spanaird…. even though undersize, still an awsome way to start the season!!

1st fish of the season!

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What a crazy winter!!

Well, as you can see, we finally got snow here in Wilmington!

dew-n-frozen h2!

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sunday 11/15/09 liberty ship


Cameron completing his field work for his senior project -spearfishing!!  Thanks Scott & Gregg for your help.

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10-4-09  Zach-John-Baldo 061

another succesfull day!


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this is what we do


a very fine day!

a little about how we hang out on the water